Weeknote 2/2023

Alfredo Cospito is an anarchist and he went on hunger strike the 20th of October to protest against the 41-bis, the disumane prison regime applied to him by the italian court of cassation.

He was accused of placing two "low potential" explosive packs on the site of the School for Carabinieri students in Fossano (Cuneo), in June 2006, therefore more than 16 years ago. It was recognized that it was a demonstrative act, without neither intention and the effect of harming anyone's safety.

Since then Cospito has spent his life in prison in the High Security regime, last April he was then transferred to the 41-bis. Finally, in July, the cassation transformed the crime into that of "massacre against the internal personality of the state", assigning it to the most severe penalty: the "obstative" life sentence, which excludes any possible mitigation.

Alfredo Cospito is almost at his 90th day of hunger strike, and he's such a vivid example of how fascism and violence are so rooted in the foundation of our so called democratic states.

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