Right now the #Fediverse is in Field of Dreams mode: "If we build it, they will come."

It’s a lovely sentiment, but we're up against the hard reality of network effects. How to onboard people, engage and keep them? One word: Storytelling.

That's the real secret of Field of Dreams. It's not about a baseball pitch. It's about a story. 

To reach the full potential of the Fediverse we need storytelling to become as important as technology.



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@michael@newsmast.social great read!

I think another aspect linked to storytelling is incentive. What's the incentive of being in the fediverse? On maistrean social network is clear: to build an audience and sell your product (or yourself as we ve seen with the rise of influencers)

On web3 social network the incentive is to make money

On the fedi? I think the incentive is to build new communities which are much more than microblogging but engage in economic, political and convivial activities online - not mediated by any corporation ( that's @bonfire@indieweb.social ​vision at least)